Interactive thematic search menu

One of the features of iZSearch is thematic (vertical) search. A vertical search engine, as distinct from a general web search engine, focuses on a specific segment of online content. Currently we have 40 popular categories: News, Images, Videos, Maps, Blogs, Forums, Health, Food, Entertainment, Music, Travel, Pets, Science, Sports, Tech, etc.


Now our Thematic (Vertical) search became more interactive: all categories relevant for your search are displayed in the left menu immediately.

For example – for the query “Apple”, you immediately see three categories: Tech, Business & Shopping – where you can find – news about the Apple corporation, Apple technologies or where you can buy technologies from Apple Inc.


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Thematic (vertical) search: Sports, Travel, Health, Food, etc.

We continue to increase the usability of the website for our users. The next innovation touched the Thematic search.


First, our quick buttons were placed at the top menu to make it more visible and faster to get to your favorite resources.
Second, we added the panel with additional search queries/filters related your query.
Third, the search results are placed in the card-like snippets, aligned in horizontal blocks, allowing you to see more results on one page.
Also, all relevant results are separated from all other results.

At the time when other search engines reduce the number of results, increasing the number of ads, we try to do it another way – less ads more search results.

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Surfing the News: Fast & Easy!

World today – is a world in information war, but media – is a tool of propaganda. Various news sites can highlight a single event from various points of view, and if you usually read only one or two news-sites, you see event only from the one side, but every medal has its reverse.


On iZSearch you can find all news-sites in one place. Just click on the News category in left menu. There you can find most relevant news about your search-topic.


Also, in the top menu, we have many news sources, through which you can easily navigate in each category: News, Sports News, Financial News. Moreover you can find few apps for your smartphone to always be informed.

Read more, learn different sources, don’t listen to the propaganda and make your own opinion. Remember – who owns the information, owns the world! can help make it easy!

1 Million iz searches!

Hi Friends,

we just passed a small but very important milestone. It’s a 1 Million searches from over 500 000 Users of!

Our Ads free, Privacy oriented search with Vertical and Advanced search options attracts more and more visitors, see the chart below.

We are working hard on our growth strategies and hope our next milestone of 1M Users is not far away!

Stay tuned and search it easy with iZSearch!

Google Search Appliance shutdown


Early this year Google sent an announcement to its business and consulting partners, that their first business-focused product Google Search Applience or GSA ( introduced in 2002, will be shutdown (

This is the end of whole era of custom indexing and search. Google’s appliance was intended for companies that want to use Google technology to search internal documents by author name, prices, dates, and other data. Google’s partners made money by integrating the appliance’s search with customer document archives, applications, and websites.

It is now time for GSA customers and business partners to switch to a new enterprise search provider. And this is a good opportunity for iZSearch.

iZSearch provides services to build, install and support indexing and search of your company’ documents. As well as we provide joining your company’ documents with the rest of the World data relevant to your domain or business area.  We provide crawling the web resources interesting to your company and joining it with Your company’ internal data.

On top of all this iZSearch provides simple search interface that delivers fast, highly relevant results your customers and employees are looking for.

Our appliance provides a seamless transition for GSA customers. Customers won’t lose the GSA settings, which will be automatically migrated into our appliance. iZSearch not only takes on the existing configuration, it can support the relevant GSA interfaces. Additionally, iZSearch offers some extra high-end features, such as crawling and customization of the search interface for your needs.

And of course all this will be done in full Privacy, which is a central feature of iZSearch.

Please send any enquiries about transition of Your GSA dtata,  as well as any other quesions on business opportunities to our email: business at

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Much, more, bigger. Google to increase Size, Frequency of Ads


Recently it was announced (The Wall Street Journal) that in an effort to avert slowing revenue growth Google plans to show more, and bigger ads. Google said it will increase the size of ads that run atop search results, enabling two-line titles and longer descriptions. The company will also expand ads on Google Maps.

“They’re doing this now because they foresee a revenue or profit challenge ahead. There’s nothing positive for the user here.”, said Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner has said “Google is squeezing the lemon to extract more money from its search business”.

Initially small textual ads in Gmail and YouTube are becoming bigger and bigger transforming into big colorful banners and up to 1 minute commercials that you can not skip. In addition to that, Google is now explicitly banning ad blockers that prevent ads from being served.

Adding this to all the Privacy revelations makes evident that initial a “Don’t Be Evil” philosophy with non-intrusive, native/organic Ads, with minimum of banner ads is transforming into something different. This always happens when there is a monopoly and you have no alternative.

We in the iZSearch present an alternative search engine with minimal ads at the bottom of the search results page and maximum privacy. iZSearch does not sell data about you to sponsor Self-driving cars, Glasses and other “not-so-successful” projects.

Search it easy with iZSearch!

iZSearch at the Silicon Valley Open Doors!

iZSearch is going to present a booth and live demo at the Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) conference on May 25-26, 2016.


We will present our public site search capabilities and features as well as present our professional search and services for potential b2b customers. That includes but is not limited to:

  1.  Vertical search (e.g. advanced search of News, Health, Tech and other types of data)
  2.  Generic advanced search API (search engine for Your company)
  3.  Privacy related search (e.g. patent, legal docs search)

Come to our booth and search it easy with iZSearch!

Facebook politics

Recently it was revealed ( that Facebook constantly monitors and changes what to show its users as Trending News. Specifically, it routinely suppress Conservative news in the “Trending News” section. Using users specific data (searches, interests, address, etc.) FB decides either to show or not to show specific news and specific data.

We at the iZSearch never use Users info to restrict, modify or limit in one way or another users’ search results. We don’t collect any personal information on our visitors. When you use iZSearch, we do not record your IP address, we do not record which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), we do not record your computer platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), and we do not record the words or phrases you searched for.

The only information we record is an aggregate total of how many searches are performed on our website each day (a measure of overall traffic), and we break down those overall traffic numbers by language.

Our zero data-collection policy is important, because even seemingly harmless information can be combined to reveal more information than you might care to disclose.

Please click this link to get more info on our Privacy Policy and search it easy with iZSearch!

Google Ads

Today’s media is full of ads whenever we search the internet. In a new research on this matter there was discovered that Google is to stop showing its ads on the right side of the screen.  This resulted in displaying the ads  only in the center part of the desktop search results, as you can see below.

But as it appears now (see analysis article from they are placing more ads at the top and/or at the bottom of the first page of the search results. In the cases of highly commercial queries there will be even more ads  showing above the search results.

As we can see above, the ads are covering completely the visible area of the desktop search results. Does this mean that in the future we will have to turn right away to the second page to look for the requested information?

In comparison with Google,  iZSearch presents clean and easy way to search the internet without filling your search page results with too many ads.

Happy Birthday, Websites. The World’s First Website Turns 25 Years-Old

There are many websites registered in the world today, over four billion, where you can find everything you need.

But, how did this begin?

The first website in the world was created by Tim Berners-Lee, now Sir Tim, and it went online exactly 25 years ago, the very first website officially went online December 21st, 1990.


Hosted by the World Wide Web (where “www” comes from) on Berners-Lee’s NeXT computer. It was used internally by CERN scientists until the whole server was opened up to anyone with an Internet connection in August 1991. When Berners-Lee created the first website, the “internet” was a group of static documents, used almost exclusively by defence organisations and academic institutions

Fun fact!

The world’s first webpage was hosted on a NeXT PC, the computer company Steve Jobs founded after he was ousted from Apple. But today, a large number of people visit websites and share knowledge using their mobile devices.

Any regrets?

  • Sir Tim has admitted that he shouldn’t have bothered putting two slashes after the HTTP: in URLs.
  • Security, or rather the lack of it in the original HTTP standard, is another area that Sir Tim admits to getting wrong. Now he’d like to see all web traffic and email encrypted, although he acknowledges that there are times when investigators legitimately need access to encrypted data for criminal prosecutions.
  • Also, important was the text, but, he considered that ” we aim to allow graphics interchange, but in this project, we concentrate on the universal readership for text, rather than on graphics” (as reports The Telegraph and Engadget)

It removed 25 years from the world’s first webpage. Information has never traveled faster and wider than today, and today the Tim’s Berners-Lee “brain child” is 25 years old!