Facebook politics

Recently it was revealed (http://gizmodo.com/former-facebook-workers-we-routinely-suppressed-conser-1775461006) that Facebook constantly monitors and changes what to show its users as Trending News. Specifically, it routinely suppress Conservative news in the “Trending News” section. Using users specific data (searches, interests, address, etc.) FB decides either to show or not to show specific news and specific data.

We at the iZSearch never use Users info to restrict, modify or limit in one way or another users’ search results. We don’t collect any personal information on our visitors. When you use iZSearch, we do not record your IP address, we do not record which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), we do not record your computer platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), and we do not record the words or phrases you searched for.

The only information we record is an aggregate total of how many searches are performed on our website each day (a measure of overall traffic), and we break down those overall traffic numbers by language.

Our zero data-collection policy is important, because even seemingly harmless information can be combined to reveal more information than you might care to disclose.

Please click this link to get more info on our Privacy Policy and search it easy with iZSearch!

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