Google Search Appliance shutdown


Early this year Google sent an announcement to its business and consulting partners, that their first business-focused product Google Search Applience or GSA ( introduced in 2002, will be shutdown (

This is the end of whole era of custom indexing and search. Google’s appliance was intended for companies that want to use Google technology to search internal documents by author name, prices, dates, and other data. Google’s partners made money by integrating the appliance’s search with customer document archives, applications, and websites.

It is now time for GSA customers and business partners to switch to a new enterprise search provider. And this is a good opportunity for iZSearch.

iZSearch provides services to build, install and support indexing and search of your company’ documents. As well as we provide joining your company’ documents with the rest of the World data relevant to your domain or business area.  We provide crawling the web resources interesting to your company and joining it with Your company’ internal data.

On top of all this iZSearch provides simple search interface that delivers fast, highly relevant results your customers and employees are looking for.

Our appliance provides a seamless transition for GSA customers. Customers won’t lose the GSA settings, which will be automatically migrated into our appliance. iZSearch not only takes on the existing configuration, it can support the relevant GSA interfaces. Additionally, iZSearch offers some extra high-end features, such as crawling and customization of the search interface for your needs.

And of course all this will be done in full Privacy, which is a central feature of iZSearch.

Please send any enquiries about transition of Your GSA dtata,  as well as any other quesions on business opportunities to our email: business at

Search it easy with iZSearch!

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