Much, more, bigger. Google to increase Size, Frequency of Ads


Recently it was announced (The Wall Street Journal) that in an effort to avert slowing revenue growth Google plans to show more, and bigger ads. Google said it will increase the size of ads that run atop search results, enabling two-line titles and longer descriptions. The company will also expand ads on Google Maps.

“They’re doing this now because they foresee a revenue or profit challenge ahead. There’s nothing positive for the user here.”, said Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner has said “Google is squeezing the lemon to extract more money from its search business”.

Initially small textual ads in Gmail and YouTube are becoming bigger and bigger transforming into big colorful banners and up to 1 minute commercials that you can not skip. In addition to that, Google is now explicitly banning ad blockers that prevent ads from being served.

Adding this to all the Privacy revelations makes evident that initial a “Don’t Be Evil” philosophy with non-intrusive, native/organic Ads, with minimum of banner ads is transforming into something different. This always happens when there is a monopoly and you have no alternative.

We in the iZSearch present an alternative search engine with minimal ads at the bottom of the search results page and maximum privacy. iZSearch does not sell data about you to sponsor Self-driving cars, Glasses and other “not-so-successful” projects.

Search it easy with iZSearch!

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