iZ Brands- Internet monitoring tools


we are glad to present a new tool for your company/organization or You as a person, to monitor your presence in the internet.

The service provides detailed statistics and analytics whether you are looking for brands or products, company or organization, celebrity or politician. It can laso be used for tracking on-line news about stocks, currencies or financial data for trading companies and investors.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc.), News, Blogs, Forums, Video resources  are monitored live to  discover important insights within the billions of conversations and news happening online every day about your brand, product or name. Sentiment analysis, multiple filters (time, language, location/region, gender, age, domain, etc) and other statistical tools together with infographic features are included.

The service is called iZ Brands and utilizes iZSearch as a back-end search engine.

Check it out (at https://izsearch.com/brand/intro.html which is at izsearch.com – Main Menu) and let us know your opinion!



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